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Written by Dewey & Trente Gillespie 98



The Boy Scout


The Boy Scout loves his country, his home and Native land.

He gives his love and kindness every day to fellow man.

The Boy Scout stands united, always honest, always fair,

And no matter what the challenge he will always Be Prepared.



From his rising in the morning, he will strive to never wrong.

He will chase away the sorrow with a joke, or happy song.

His love, his pride, and courage, gives him strength along the way,

To defend his faith and honor, till the closing of  the day.            


He awaits the call of duty, should disaster challenge man.

He will take the first step forward, and will lend a helping hand.

His conviction, dedication over time has proved him true,

And depending on the moment he could give his life for you.




When he says  Upon My Honor, hes prepared to take the test,

And no matter what the outcome, he will always do his best.

So remember that the Boy Scout, after all is said and done,

Is a very special kind of boy, whos loved by everyone.